Born in Bologna, raised in Fano and currently living in Graz, I am active in the field of music software development. My research spans several aspects of sound design, human-computer interaction, multi-channel technologies and sound installations. I have a keen interest in the design and realization of electroacoustic devices, multi-platform software controllers/tools and the production of digital sound material using anything from programming languages to welding machines.

Side projects:

BitNet01 A-Lumiere

Training and Masterclasses

Dissertation Works

The Kora, an instrument beyond the border

Analysis of the West African harp and implementation of a physical-inspired algorithm in real-time with C-SoundQT

Supervisor: Eugenio Giordani

Paper (in italian)


Embedded system for real time sound and image generation on Raspberry Pi environment

Supervisor: Riccardo Santoboni

Paper (in italian) Repository

Audio & visual

Audiovisual Live-Set for APOPHENIA FESTIVAL

Played live at Cinema Politeama in Fano 07/12/23


“Apophenia: tendenza a percepire connessioni significanti tra cose non correlate.” Il caos comunicativo che regola la nostra vita quotidiana è rappresentato da infinite sequenze in cui notizie di guerra e scenari apocalittici si alternano a Meme e Reels divertenti. Il rumore comunicativo ovviamente non è una novità nella nostra contemporaneità, ma ciò non cambia il fatto che sia ancora un criterio di riferimento importante per comprendere i gradi di sviluppo e diffusione dell'economia dell’attenzione. Il caos non è un insieme generico e indeterminato di materia, ma una dimensione costantemente mutevole in cui la velocità con cui emergono nuove determinazioni non lascia spazio alla formazione di elementi costanti nel tempo. L'arte produce cambiamenti, trasformando la modulazione perpetua del caos in un movimento creativo a livello percettivo. Che si tratti di lottare contro il rumore comunicativo, sospendere il meccanismo stimolo-ricompensa derivante dalla mercificazione di ogni aspetto della vita o sabotare la predazione antropica, la delimitazione di uno spazio di resistenza passa attraverso un confronto con il rumore creando un contro-rumore. L’Apophenia Festival, organizzato dal collettivo BitNet01 vuole costruire, ospitando il collettivo milanese Otolab, Spazio Ge.Ge di Pesaro e la TKD family, uno spazio collettivo per dare forma al contro-rumore, uno spazio di performance audiovisive, installazioni multimediali, workshop e DJ-sets, all’interno della cornice dello storico Cinema Politeama, alla soglia dei suoi 100 anni di attività, e all’Officina Amaranta sede dell’APS Urobòros Amaranto.

Live-Set for Ultrablack non-ference of Mille Plateux

Played live at Forum Stadtpark in Graz 27/10/23


Ultrablackness is a determining force. The outside folding in. Background noise of the thermodynamic disequilibrium. An indifferent un_groundedness, opaque like a heterogeneous mixture or transparent like see-through fluids. Not to be differentiated, but the 0 that defines 1.
Ultrablackness therefore is not to be confused with the void - emptyness -, but is intrinsically messy. That which messes with the attempt to define, to limit, and territorialize, a dæmonic force subverting the godly order, defying the One-God-Universe. Black noise, unlike the searing buzz of white noise, is barely audible. Black noise traces the quiver of things we fail to perceive.
Our uchromia: to learn to think from the point of view of Black as what determines color in the last instance rather than what limits it.

CHAOSM - Live at IEM CUBE - 30/01/23 (Binaural)

Played live at IEM CUBE in Graz 30/01/23 in 5th order ambisonics, this version is decoded in binaural.


Chaos is not a generic and indeterminate mass of matter, but a constantly changing dimension where the speed of the emergence of new determinations leaves no space for the formation of constant elements over time. What defines CHAOSM is a constellation of a-rhytmic patterns and digital errors that moves around the room, a meaningless assemblage of endless sonic perspectives.

Rhizomatic Mutual Jam - SMC2021

Networked music performance between Rome and Turin

Work selected for the live music program of the Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC 2021) with Giorgio Alloatti, Andrea Reali, Federico Briata and Matteo Tomasetti


We are experiencing a reality that until a few months ago we could only trace in some sci-fi movies. The body becomes obsolete, our lives enter a purely cognitive dimension. Networking means creating relationship networks, sharing experiences and ideas, creating(...)contexts to communicate and create artistically so that the artists and public get confused and lose their original meaning.

The term rhizomatic derives from rhizome which in botany is a particular type of root where any point is connected to any other point in a non-hierarchical way: there is no center, no direction, only concatenations. In philosophy Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari place the concept of rhizome at the center of a widespread organizational model capable of describing and changing social and cultural processes.

For this purpose we have set up two NINJAM servers. NINJAM is a Client/Server software that allows you to play synchronized via the Internet. Any participant can listen to any other participant. Users can also edit his own personal mix as they wish. Since the inherent latency of the Internet prevents true real time synchronization of the jam and playing with latencies of tens of milliseconds is in fact impossible, NINJAM provides a solution by making latency (and the weirdness) much longer. Latency in NINJAM is measured in measures, and that's what makes it interesting.


WebVR online installation selected for the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF 2021)


This installation / composition aims to be a symbiosis between what is beyond the sky and what we feel on earth. Inspired by "Serenata per un satellite" by Bruno Maderna where we find the elements of a futuristic avant-garde made of experimentation and the dream of space The algorithm parameters are controlled by calculating the SGP trajectories obtained through NASA's TLE, creating an ensemble of seven satellites: ISS, Kestrel, Tempest-D, Cuberrt, Dellingr, Ubakusat and Halosat(...). The trajectories of the satellite's orbits are calculated in the future. The data of the future transform and change the sound material in the present, creating a dialectic between what will be and what is. This work is conceived as an open work in continuous evolution.

It wants to recall an imaginary of a utopia where technology can shape the future according to the needs of everyone in the present, imagining a symbiosis between all natural elements such as the human, the non-human, the earth and space.


Fluid Node - A-Lumiere

Live Electronics performance @ Teatro della Fortuna - Fano (Italy)

A-Lumiere is an experimental duo formed by Matteo Tomasetti and Francesco Casanova


"The amount of binary information produced in the anthropocene can be represented as a multiform fluid in continuous evolution. A liquid 'chaosm' led by creatures from the deepest abyss with metal heads and fiber optic tentacles that carry the immateriality of our existence. The Fluid-node performance aims to represent a sound representation of individual precarious existences that flounder immersed in a historical moment characterized by environmental disasters and global pandemics. Investigating space, time, gestures and the sound landscape through the information technology medium."

Metamorfosi nel tempo (AV composition)

- Music: Giovanni Costantini and Paolo Gatti
- Visual: Francesco Casanova
- Viola: Luca Sanzò

Selected for the international exhibition “Circle 2021″ at Cica Museum, Gimpo - South Korea


"In our memory the sounds and images fall apart and mix, now more alive and present, now more distant and confused. Our memories tell us what it was, but other sounds and other images contaminate them, filtering them and giving them new meanings. Time, inexorable, fragments, recomposes, modifies, re-elaborates our experience, and the more it moves away from us, the more it becomes obscured and transfigured: timbres and colors, as well as melodies and shapes, mix and show themselves to the our minds through each other, in a continuous game of metamorphosis."

BitNet Laptop Ensemble - Opening Act to Richard Devine

The Bitnet Laptop Ensemble is made up of 6 performers and 6 laptops. Shapes, images, synthetic materials, noises, melodic and rhythmic gestures alternate the scene to take the listener to remote digital places. BLE mainly uses programming languages such as Max / Msp, C-Sound, Touch Designer as the primary platform for sound / video synthesis / analysis and software such as Ableton Live for live realization.

The BLE is made up of: Francesco Casanova, Matteo Tomasetti, Filippo Gualazzi, Gianluca Stefanelli, Luis Braschi and Federico Turchi.




Using ML5's PoseNet implementation to track 17 keypoints of the body of a single person using the webcam. Theese keypoints are then sent via OSC directly to a Max/MSP patch


AS29 Studio - software

The AS29 system is a new studio monitor speaker system with different multichannel configurations from 2.1 to 7.1.4.

AS29 is a premium product entirely made in Italy supplied with a software application for Windows and Mac OSX necessary to control and access the countless functions available: AS29 Studio.

© AS29 system is an AudioFactory product.

about as29


AU / VST Plugin synth written in Csound and Cabbage for Windows & macOS

“In this long period of pandemic, for about two years now, we have tried to commit our efforts, for something truly stimulating and of which we have always been passionate, and this is how, thanks to the collaboration with the BitNet01 collective, we have been able to develop in this time, our virtual synthesizer, with our style and sound timbre that we have called KLOWNWAVE. We are excited to introduce this new project to you, and we hope you will share our visionary initiative. KlownWave will be distributed to the public ‘by donation’, will be open source and hackable” (Kernel Panik Sound)

Repository Download


Client for broadcasting of OSC messages via WAN divided into groups (MacOS only)

A Project based on Ross Bencina's C ++ OSCGroup Library


Nube - Texture Synthesizer (Max4live)

Clone of the 'Clouds' module by Mutable Instruments. This free MaxForLive device was made using the "vb.mi.clds~" OSX external by Volker Böhm, whom I thank so much for porting the original code of Émilie Gillet to Max-MSP.

Repository Demo Download

Mode - Resonator filters bank (Max4live)

Clone of Mutable Instruments'Rings' module. This free MaxForLive device is based on vb.mi.rngs~ OSX external by Volker Böhm, whom I thank so much for porting the original code of Émilie Gillet to Max-MSP.

Repository Download

Aether - meta-granular synthesizer with gesture control

Live electronics patch that features a microtonal/random arpeggiator from 1 to 32 steps,an oscillator with basic waveforms (sine wave, triangle wave, square wave and white noise) with a MIDI keyboard control to select the center frequency,an envelope to model the sound produced by the oscillator, a real-time sampling granulator, a series of filters with the type of decay and quantity chosen by the user,an audio mixer to control the streams of the various channels, a reverb with various parameters implemented, agesture control, based on the webcam where the user can change the parameters of the granulator